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Monday, September 27, 2010

Back at home

Well I spent 4 days hiking around the field of battle. I took loads of pics and had a GREAT time. It was hot and for one day rainy but it didn't slow me down one bit.

I finally got to see the refurbished Cyclorama. It is beautiful. I had been in the new Visitor's Center several times but never had the time to see the painting. It is really sharper and brighter. The little annoying thing was they kicked you out too quick after the presentation. I wanted more time to look it over. They also did not take the time to describe little tidbits of the painting nor explain anything after the audio thing. I suppose they want you to buy another ticket to get in.

The new film they made is pretty good as well. I half-expected it to be total crap but was mildly surprised. It is general and very good for visitors that really don't know anything about how/why the war started.

The new museum was a huge let down. The focus was only about 30% about the battle itself. Plus... as if this won't get you annoyed... a Park Ranger told be they now have LESS artifacts on display than they did before! WTF?! Yup and I'd believe him after going through it. That was a mega-huge let down. Someone dropped the ball here. It's almost criminal. Oh and the ticket gets you into all three but you need that damn ticket. No more free museum... bastards.

I'll post more pics and write up more when I get some time. The pic is from the new Delaware monument.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting ready to visit Gettysburg

The days are ticking off when I visit the field again. I'll be taking lots of pics of buildings that I need to replicate for the Big Game. I'll need lots of angles. Also needed are shots of the contours of the field. Regular maps are helpful but I want to see if they really pose situations that can change the game. I've been there hundreds of times but now I'm going with a keen eye and a purpose other than wandering around with a few books.

I started up again painting after a 3 week break. I've made up for the lack of production though. I polished off 12 Rebs and 12 Yanks. I have 6 more Yanks, 95% done and another batch getting started. I'm juiced.