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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

141st PA in Line

I playtested my game this past weekend. Had two good tests and when it was over I started to put the miniatures away. At the last second I stopped and thought I should line up one regiment one to one and see how it looked on the table. The basing is one model on a 20mm base. This isn't how the spacing would look in real life. As I spread the regiment out, filled in with file closers, company officers, general guides, field music and other assorted supernumeraries I realized I had a big problem. The regiment of models is HUGE! It was hard to take the pics and most of all with nice terrain. I packed up all the terrain and just layed-out the regiment for what it is worth. I gotta tell ya... it is REALLY cool looking! The pics don't do it justice. This regiment is supposed to represent the 141st Penn. at Gettysburg commanded by Col. Henry Madill in one to one scale. I might have more drummers than they had (I don't know for sure) and no fifers but I do have all the extra men needed to make a convincing looking regiment, don't you think?

 Here is Col. Madill himself with his bugler and staff officers.

Here is Major Israel Spaulding who was killed at Gettysburg.

Here's the regiment is all it's small glory. The models take up 63" from end to end. The book Regimental Strengths at Gettysburg lists it engaged strength as 209. I have portrayed it as its June 30th strength which is the very last official muster/PayRoll strength before the battle 2 days before as 283.

Just for giggles here's a B&W view of the Color Guard.


  1. Great looking regiment! Really nice to see a full line up of men.


  2. Very impressive. It is excellent to see a unit at 1:1. I aspire to doing something similar with Romans...

  3. Awesome! I always wondered what it would like like in miniature form.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments.

    I bet if I changed the spacing between the models to better reflect how they stood next to each other, 'light elbow touch', I would guess the line would be at least 1/2 - 1/3 shorter. Some day I will pull them off the stands and do it right. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh... not anytime soon though. :)

  5. Very impressive! I've thought about doing some larger units in 1:1 in 6mm just for fun but I've been a little scared to do it in 25/28! Nicely done!

  6. Well done Don...........even if they are the bad guys. Ha.

    1. Thanks A.P. Hill. I'll have to line up some Rebs into a full regiment next. :)