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Saturday, May 30, 2009

what I'm working on

I haven't posted much or at all but... I'm working on some Reb drummers at the moment. I need those for a game I'm running at Historicon. I also have another Yank Color Guard 80% done. Just under way are 3 Reb Color Guards. These will all be for the big game. At Hcon I'll have at least 5-6 regiments per side and 2-3 artillery batteries per side too. It should be good.

The rules were accepted by GW Historical so I need to get back into it. For a awhile there I was waiting and not doing very much on it. I have no idea which direction they want to go with it though. They don't answer emails so for all I know they might want to turn it into something entirely different. I just don't know. I'll continue the way I'm going.

I did manage to finish oodles of 40k Ultramarines for a mega-huge game we played. We have been playing 40K a lot lately. Every body's armies are really big and most times we play with 5000 points per player. With the group of guys around these parts we play for fun only so we rarely if ever have issues that others have.

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