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Saturday, June 22, 2013

More pics

Perry plastic horse, Saber and Saber rider
 and GMB flag

I had some time today so I grabbed my camera and went outside for a photo shoot. The weather was perfect for it. I decided to just take some close ups instead of a mass infantry. I would have to get out a larger table and I was kinda lazy.

these are the newish Perry plastic Reb infantry

Well the contrast between the jacket and trousers
seemed better while painting it.

Sash & Saber models - 6th Wisconsin Color Guard
with GMB flag

The back 3 guns are Parrotts, next are 3 inch Ordnance rifles
and the rest are all Napoleons with one 6 lbs. gun.

All my guns are Sash & Saber - a Napoleon

A Napoleon with mud

10 lbs. Parrott

Guidon bearer for the 9th Massachusetts battery

GMB flag again with Sash & Saber model


  1. Great looking stuff Don. I need to get Battery flags for my artillery.

  2. Tom,


    Yes you do! Rule Number one of wargaming: "Nice looking flags and shields makes the game look 200% better."

    That's my theory at least. :)


  3. Good Theory Don ;) Very nice looking 6th Wisconsin Command stand. Grahame at GMB told me some time ago that he would make a new set of flags for the early years of the Iron Brigade: I hope it will become a reality soon

  4. Yeah... I thought it was a good theory but it really is a great theory! I'm very modest though. :)

    Thanks for the kind words about the Color Guard. I never use drummers and rarely officers which the way it should be.

    Interesting about GMB flags. If you speak to him in the mean time, tell him we need MORE flags for batteries (from different states) as an example.


  5. Wonderful looking troops! Very well done.

  6. Ok Don I will speak with him about new battery flags.
    By the way I will receive the 14th Brooklyn dolls next week: I will send you some pictures if you want.


  7. Frank,

    Thanks for speaking with Grahame for me. I am very much looking forward to more and more of his ACW flags.

    I look forward to the pics! I already have a 14th Brooklyn flag. ;) I just need some models.

    Thanks again,


  8. Hi Don

    I still habe not received the first greens but they may arrive soon.

    In a previous email we wre discussing about the idea of releasing troops in Chasseur Dress such as the 83rd Pennsylvania. I was just wondering if that guts wore their uniform more than 5 months and if the leather shako was replaced by the forage cap.



  9. Franck,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I just sent you a private email.


  10. Phil,

    Thanks you very much. I am glad you enjoyed the pics.