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Saturday, June 22, 2013

More pics

Perry plastic horse, Saber and Saber rider
 and GMB flag

I had some time today so I grabbed my camera and went outside for a photo shoot. The weather was perfect for it. I decided to just take some close ups instead of a mass infantry. I would have to get out a larger table and I was kinda lazy.

these are the newish Perry plastic Reb infantry

Well the contrast between the jacket and trousers
seemed better while painting it.

Sash & Saber models - 6th Wisconsin Color Guard
with GMB flag

The back 3 guns are Parrotts, next are 3 inch Ordnance rifles
and the rest are all Napoleons with one 6 lbs. gun.

All my guns are Sash & Saber - a Napoleon

A Napoleon with mud

10 lbs. Parrott

Guidon bearer for the 9th Massachusetts battery

GMB flag again with Sash & Saber model