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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Something new?! What?

Well I haven’t been very active posting stuff on my blog as you have seen. I have been busy with other things and have been a slacker. The good thing is that I have been walking around Civil War battlefields, reading a slew of Civil War books, painting miniatures, playing games and writing some articles for Wargames Illustrated.

I have a ton of photos from my travels to post and I’ll do that soon. Some pics I’ll add a comment but probably not all. If you see something that looks unfamiliar send me a comment if you’d like to know what it was.

 I usually spend one week a year travelling around and doing a lot of walking the fields. Sometimes it is with friends and sometimes by myself. On one of my solo trips I actually wanted to test the theory that Gettysburg might be haunted. I was thinking, if you wanted to speak to the dead or meet a ghost you’d need bait. If you are going fishing you can’t catch fish without a worm. So I came up with what I thought was a good idea! I went into a quiet spot along Stony Hill on a Tuesday when there should be no excess amount of visitors in April. Perfect spot for an encounter I thought. I didn’t want to spook a ghost. (pun intended)  I brought with me what every Civil War soldier’s ghost might be drawn towards: coffee in a tin cup, hardtack cooked in bacon grease, cooked bacon and a speaker playing Civil War fife and drum music on my Ipod. So I found a nice small rock to sit on and waited silently for over two hours. Perfect, right?!

Well… it was less than successful. I sat there all alone and only saw a black snake (and he was huge!), a National Park Police car patrolling the park, two guys in a car touring (and looking at me strangely), a few birds, a few squirrels and a chipmunk. After what I thought was enough time if there was going to be some sort of encounter I got off my little rock ‘chair’, stretched my back and legs, dejectedly gathered my belongs and sadly walked back to my car parked near the Wheatfield. I ate the hardtack, bacon, swallowed the coffee (after fishing the bugs out of it) and called an end to my experiment. I guess I didn’t have the right bait. Damn.

As for miniatures I must make an effort to take more photos of my collection especially during games. I usually take a few pics early in the game or just after the set up but then I get into the flow of the battle but forget all about the camera. I hate that but it is what it is.

So… what are you up to?

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