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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some close ups

I tried re-lighting the models still on the table. I also recently bought a new camera and lost the damn disk that comes with it! They don't give you a complete manual anymore. They give you a 'quick guide' and want you to print out the doc yourself from the disk... bastards. Anyway I'm trying to get the hang of the Macro without the stupid PDF files. Grrrrrr... anyway here is what I shot just now.
This is a Redoubt model of Col. Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine. His uniform is darker but the lights washed it out. I could fix it in CS5 but... I'm a bit lazy tonight.

This one is just a lower angle of what I already shot a few days ago. Oh and 'yes' I do need to flock the bases on many of the models. I just figured I'd do it as a group sometime in the future. Probably when I have too many (which stands at over 300 now) to do and I'll complain about it. Yup... that will happen.


  1. Looking good! I am close to adding another regiment to the collection. Still working on the ACW all I can.

  2. I just got back into ACW myself and your blog has been very inspirational. What colors are you using for the Union trousers? I'm experimenting with some vallejos but haven't yet hit on the magic combination.


  3. Robert,

    Thanks. Keep painting! The more you get done.... the more you will be a better person and better than everyone you know. That's good idsn't it?! ;)

  4. Aaron,

    Sadly I'm not sure of the name of the color I'm using. It is an old old glass bottle of Armory paint. The only thing I can read on the label says "BLU-04". The closest thing I can come up with would be to mix a bottle of paint and leave this mixure for the trousers only.

    Get a hold of some GW Shadow Grey and add a touch of white (because the final result should be lighter than Shadow Gray), a spot of Ultramarine Blue and then a touch of GW's Foundation Knarloc Green. I haven't found any color that is perfect in already mixed colors by any company today. I've looked. Sorry.

    Just so you know, the color of the trousers was the same color of the Sack coats (Navy blue) except it was watered down a bit to make the sky blue color. The good news is that the US Government contractors had a very very hard time matching the Gov specs. They complained that they had variations even within the same dye lots. So if you try to make the final close to the hue of the Shadow Grey but lighter you'll be in the same ballpark.

    You can buy empty glass bottles at Micromart. They sell small tools and modeling stuff. They sell them and I have bought them to mix colors for armies to store in larger batches than the small bottles you get normally.

    You you look at some of the other pics I have posted that have the shy blue trousers try to duplicate that color the best you can. That's pretty damn close.

    I'll work on getting together more info for a future post.



  5. Thanks Don. I've played around a bit more and I think what I'm missing is the hint of green. I'll give that a shot and then bottle it if I can get it close enough (great suggestion!) since I have a lot more to paint up.