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Monday, October 10, 2011

Doing the Math Part 2

Monument of the 32nd Penn. Infantry (3rd Reg. Penn. Reserves) at Antietam. I think he's trying to attract my attention to start painting faster . He's saying, "Hey fool! Get out of that cornfield and get painting!"
I have recently based a batch more of both Union and Confederate infantry in their companies (6 models to a base). In my Feb. 19, 2011 post I did the same thing, trying to calculate what I have accomplished. Some time has passed so I thought I'd re-check what I have left to finish since the February counting. Now granted I have an additional 140 Union models and 146 Confederate models done but they are not based. Not needed for my scenarios is an extra 180 Iron Brigade models unbased as well so they don't count. None of these are added to the totals below. If you checked that Feb. post you will see the 'progress'.

USA done 

74 companies or about 19 regiments
12 Color Guards

CSA done

66 companies or about 17 regiments
15 Color Guards

Okay... that's horrible! I thought I had been working at a better pace than that. In my defense I have finished oodles of drummers, more artillerymen, casualty markers, officers and... that's about it. *sigh* I do have 13 CSA & 1 USA Color Guards almost done. There are also a bunch of random models being painted... so I got THAT going for me. It's pathetic, no doubt about it.

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