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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sunken Road at Antietam

132nd Pa, 1 Bri./3 Div./2nd Corps
I thought I'd throw some pictures up that I took last September at the Antietam Battlefield. I spent an entire day driving and walking around the field and all the pictures posted today are from the area around the Sunken Road. If you have never visited the field I guarantee you do not have an accurate appreciation of the undulating hills and broken terrain in general. You must go because it will blow your mind.

Looking towards the right of the Rebel line
Looking to the right flank from inside the Sunken Road
Looking northeast from the Confederate's perspective. The Union 2nd Corps came from that direction. This ground looks flat but it is actually somewhat uphill. The ground slopes off about 200 yards and anyone approaching from this direction is unseen until they rise above the ground below.
Detail from the Irish Brigade monument near the Observation Tower.
Brigade commander of the Irish Brigade.
Looking towards the left of the Reb line from atop  the Tower.
The Sunken Road from the area which the 2nd Corps attacked.

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