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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Painting update

Finished painting and spraying these models. They still need basing though. They will join the 5th Corps.

It has been a while since I updated the blog. I have been kinda busy but... I also have had lots of things plan and half finished to post but have been lazy posting. Sorry.

Anyway, I have added more stuff recently so I thought I'd show some progress. The models done recently have been 80% Union since I need more and more of them. Waiting patiently are 176 Rebs that are painted but need to be based. I hate basing them. It's annoying, time consuming and very tedious.

These models are in line waiting for either paint, basing, flocking... and other final touches.  You will notice all those 12 Lbs. Napoleons on the right side. They will fill-in the 3rd Corps and Reserve Artillery batteries. Once these guns are finished I have about 6 to 8  3-inch Ordnance rifles to be completed and I'm done with the guns.

I am currently trying to work my way through all the Color Guards of the various regiments needed for my huge project. So far all the 3rd Corps regiments are done except for Burling's brigade. I am almost finished with Barnes's division of the 5th Corps. After that I just need to do Caldwell's 2nd Corps division. All the regiments of Hood's and McLaw's divisions are done. I plan to do a few of Wilcox's regiments as too and... maybe Perry's brigade as well. We'll see.

The pictures of the tool box shows some of what is done. I have 3 of the Sears, 3 - drawer tool boxes. Each tool box is full. I have to figure some other method of storage since the boxes themselves are very heavy. I recently bought a few Really Useful Boxes and that might work out well. All my models are based with magnetic peel and stick on the bottoms or metal bases with trays. I lined the bottom of the Really Useful Boxes with the paper steel so everything works together well. In addition to all of this I have 8 foam trays filled with individual artillery crewmen, officers on foot, drummer boys, buglers on foot and casualty figures.

Here you can see part of the Really Useful Boxes with mounted officers, brigade flag bearers, buglers and some Zouaves that didn't fit into the tool boxes.

I need to get back to work now. Only 23 million more models to paint! It's all down hill now. Hoorah!


  1. One unit at a'll make it!

  2. Tom,

    Yes I will probably make it but... when?! Richmond is a hard road to travel. ;)


  3. Mosstrooper,

    Thanks. It is MORE impressive when you see the whole thing together. The problem is trying to take a picture of them all! There is too much so you can't see anything close enough. They all look like 10mm! One day I will get it together and then perhaps take a few close ups to go with the whole gaggle.


  4. Very nice units. I love your colours. Yes basing is boring but it enhances the figures so much it must be done the best possible.

    About your bases I like the colour of the earth. I do prefer mulit bas e too as each base can be treated as a small diorama.

    Great worh



  5. Franck,

    Thanks. Yes you are right the basing can make the figures look better. They will look better once I flock them with grass but that will come later.