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Saturday, December 29, 2012

3rd Corps... DONE!

Whew... done! All Color Guards, Brigade officers, Regimental officers, Field Music and MEN painted and flocked... all done! Add to this I'm also totally done with 5th Corps brigades of Tilton and Sweitzer and ALL the brigades of Hood's and McLaws' brigades means I am on the home stretch. I still have to finish Caldwell's division, Willard's brigade and the two U.S. brigades of Day and Burbank is easy now. The artillery is about half way done. All 3rd Corps batteries are done so what remains are the scattered batteries of the Reserve Artillery. Hip hip hooray!!!

I also finished up all my peach orchard trees. Okay well... honestly I have to touch up the fruit and turn apples into peaches but... it goes down in my book as 99% done.

Gen. Phil Kearny charging at the battle of Williamsburg ahead of his men.

Gen. Sickles says, "I agree with whatever Gen. Kearny said!"
Gen. Butterfield says, "Yeah...I agree with whatever Gen. Kearny and Gen. Sickles says!"


  1. Lets us see! Would love to have a look of the corps on parade.

  2. Maashes,

    I'd love to but I have to find a way to photograph everything in one shot. There is too much stuff and if I did everything would look like 3mm figures. Lighting is a problem indoors too. It is too cold to do it outside now. I'll work something out because I'd love to see it as well all assembled.


  3. Congratulations Don! This is a great accomplishment! When/where do you intend to use them all?

  4. Tom,


    Errrr... use them all? Hmmmm... I don't know. I have discovered that I don't have any idea how to get/use a playing surface big enough.

    Way back when I thought this would be a great battle with all the miniatures. At that time (3 years ago) I just assumed I'd figure silly details like a 'table' in the future... sometime. Last Fall I worked out the dimension size of the table and much to my horror it was so big no one could ever reach partly into the table. *gulp* The Wheatfield scenario part would need a 'table' at minimum 10 feet across and 8 feet deep. The Peach Orchard is at minimum 13 feet long and 8 feet deep. I have no idea how to chop it back now so... Like Han Solo once said, "Never tell me the odds." I just keep painting and let the details work them self out. :)

    "What... me worry?"