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Monday, December 10, 2012

Another painting or collecting update

Color Guard of the 7th New Jersey

I have been a busy beaver trying to finish all the Color Guards I will need. It's tough work but someone has to do it! Above you will see the 7th NJ Color Guard. They were from Burling's brigade (3/2/III) at Gettysburg. Strangely enough the entire brigade wore Frock coats during the battle. I have left these on the back end of the painting schedule.

Recently I put an order (or 3) with Foundry for their Frock coated Union models. I had purchased the needed amount of Frock coats from Redoubt but... I was never in love with them. The heads are separate, they never really fit on very well, the hair styles are wrong in some cases, the mould line run over the FRONT of their faces (grrrrrr...) and the coats are either too short or just lousy models. The good thing is before I painted lots of them Foundry lowered their prices so I jumped on that. Now, they are a bit chunkier in stature (than Redoubt) and they suffer the same problems as all the Perry Civil War models face (both the old Foundry models and their OWN stuff recently) their equipment is not really to scale. It's annoying but honestly they just make my life a lot easier since I need well over 180 of them. In the pic above the standard bearers are Redoubt and the back two models are Foundry. Sadly the Perrys nor the Foundry have Frock coated Standard Bearers so I'm stuck with Redoubt for that.

This is my box of 100% done Color Guards.
For the Rebs it is all the brigades of Hood's and McLaws' divisions. There are also I think one or two from Wilcox's division as well. Mostly the III Corps is done (apart from Burling and 1 or 2 of Carr's) and most of Tilton and Sweitzer's V Corps brigades are done. I think I randomly did two II Corps regiments too.

Color Guards that need some touch-ups and Flocking.

Just thought I'd throw this pic in for giggles. It is a Brigade C.O. and his staff. Each brigade will eventually get this treatment when I get around to them.

Stuff in the early stages of painting. There are 6 more Color Guards and more Frock coated Burling's men.
Of course if you want to play a scenario of the Peach Orchard you need Peach trees. I need to base a bunch more. So far 6 are done. *sigh*  I'll get there.
I think after the latest batch of Color Guards (above) are finished I might switch off and get back to my Union artillery. They need loving too. It gets tedious to do the same thing all the time. Oh and BTW, all the flags are GMB. I love them.


  1. Looking good Don. How are you doing your Peach trees? I don't recognize the manufacturer.
    Tom O

  2. Tom,

    I bought them from Scenic Express online. They are actually sold as apple trees. When I get them all based I plan to touch-up all the "apples" (or most) and turn them into peaches as best I can. I can not find anyone that sells "peach trees" with fruit. You can get them flowering but not with fruit. :(


  3. Beautiful command stands. Those GMB flags really jump out at you.

  4. Scott,

    Thanks. It is surprising how much ordinary models look when you get great looking flags and a bit of flocking. From 10 feet away they all look spectacular on the table.

    'It is good that war is so terrible else we would love it.' Well... he wasn't talking about wargaming! ;)


  5. Thanks for the info on the trees Don.

  6. Tom,

    You may or may not have discovered they sell two sizes of the apple trees. I bought both and I think the smaller size better fits. I think the 2 3/4" is better and all you need.