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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reinforcements have arrived along with more flags

Peach Orchard looking West

The boxes of painted miniatures arrived a week ago and I am very pleased. Reinforcements are always a joyous occasion.

I also received another shipment of NEW US GMB flags. These were not generic state flags but specific to the 3rd Corps. Grahame does ‘requests’ and I got a brigade worth and then some, 12 regiments. I also put my requests in for others but he’s so busy at the moment so I’ll have to wait a bit. I certainly need US battery flags/guidons. Seeing as I already have all the generic flags I need it’s not a big deal at this point. All the CSA flags needed are purchased and sitting aside waiting for Color Guards to be finished so I’m good there. What I need are only Hood's and McLaws' divisions.

4th Michigan in the Wheatfield

I’m starting to think I will need to do Caldwell’s division of the 2nd Corps and plus the brigades of the 5th Corps. I thought I could avoid those but… for completeness I think I might contemplate their involvement in the game. Why not? Looks like another order of miniatures is needed. When will it stop?!

I will post some pics of the new painted models as soon as time permits. I'll be running a demo or two at Cold Wars in March. This won't be officially listed in the PEL though.

At Christmas time I fell back into working on the Ultramarine Chapter ‘side’ project. *sigh*. I already have 4 full Companies and… well, I couldn’t resist the urge. Painting all these ACW models was getting rather wearying so I needed a break.

One of the new casualty markers for the game

114th PA in 1864 


  1. Interesting photo of the 114th. I've heard/read a lot of opinions of how most Zouave units had abandoned the flashy dress and were wearing standard uniforms by mid-late war. It's intriguing to see them wearing those uniforms in 1864- I guess it goes to show that you really have to be careful about having such strong opinions because it's all contingent on period/theater/unit. Or at least that is my humble opinion.

    I look forward to seeing the new mini's too!

  2. Many did abandon their flashy uniforms because they couldn't afford to replace items of the uniform. It was just easier and cheaper to adopt the regular issue blue uniforms. Still, there were some that had benefactors that could foot the bill to maintain their original uniforms. The 140th NY started as Zouaves, went to the blue uniform (before Gettysburg) and then went back to their Zouaves uniforms in 1864. The 14th Brooklyn stuck with their Chasseur uniforms throughout their service. The bottom line is.... each situation is different but many did adopt the standard issue uniforms after time.

    If my memory serves me correctly this photo was taken in early (very early) 1864 of one company of the 114th PA.

    I might try taking a few pics of what I submitted as examples (which I already posted) and a few of what THEY painted. That’s the best way to gauge how good they did. From what I can tell so far they are pretty darn close. The good thing is once based and put on the table with a few hundred other miniatures no one will ever tell which is which. I must have at least 400 per side now… perhaps more if you include drummers and officers.

    Basing all these newly arrived miniatures is going to be a pain in the neck but I have to get them done along with more and more Color Guards and officers. The longer I wait the less chance they will get done soon. I’ve been just working on the rank and file for the past few months and the feeling of accomplishment is terrific to see stuff done.