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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Re-calculating the game size

I spent some time tonight re-calculating my regiments/brigades for the massive Gettysburg 2nd day game. Since I will probably add the Union 5th Corps and 2nd Corps into the scenarios I need to know what needs to be painted and how much. The game uses what I call ‘companies’ as the basic building block of the regiments. The game has grown and I’ve been doing more research trying to get down to brass tacks on what the numbers look like. In re-calculating the units here’s what I found:


McLaws - 92 companies

Hood - 78 companies

Total of 170 companies


3rd Corps - 122 companies

2nd Corps – 62 companies

5th Corps – 62 companies

A grand total of 246 companies for both sides

It does look weird that the 3rd Corps is double the size of the other Union Corps but there is a very good reason for this. Remember that the 2nd and 5th Union Corps only sent in limited amounts of their men AND I am not doing a Little Round Top scenario. This eliminates a few brigades of the 5th Corps alone. The area furthest North on the battlefield I will game is the area which Willard’s brigade fought Barksdale.

If we gronkculate the amount of miniatures I will need it will be well over 2500 infantrymen alone. That does not include all the Color Guards, Officers (on foot and mounted) & staff, drummers/buglers (as markers) and the artillerymen needed. It will probably round out to be over 3000 miniatures when I’m done. *whew* Over the next few days I’ll have to sit down and try and figure out what I have finished already. My guess is I have over 350+ miniatures per side done. When I get to Cold Wars I will need to restock my lead pile. It’s thin right now.

The Trostle farm looking north from the Wheatfield Road.

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