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Sunday, August 1, 2010

For the III Corps:

112 companies needed and I have 42 painted - in 38 regiments

Hood & McLaws

142 companies needed and I have 41 painted - in 37 regiments

It would be REALLY cool to play it out but... to be honest it wouldn't be very
good without the brigades from the II Corps, V Corps and Reserve artillery.
Hmmmm... I'll need more men and guns.

The table space would be monstrous! I’ll probably have to spilt the tables
into action spots like:

Devils' Den
Wheatfield/Rose Farm area
Peach Orchard/Emmittsburg Road
Trostle Farm (just because it's cool-that can be played on my table)

Reb artillery would mostly be off-board to save space. You could have the
tables nearby to make it seem like one big battle though. They are
interconnected to a certain degree yet separate.

Once I have all I need painted I'll start on the 1st day's battle next. That
will be lots of fun too.

Always have a plan. I have several 'plans' so I am also working on a complete
Ultramarine Chapter with all the trimmings. I have completed one third so far
and still banging away on it. The other is this ACW plan to make BOTH complete
armies in 25mm at Gettysburg. My problem is I have too many plans and I get side
tracked. Damn those side tracking demons!!!!

Upon further review I need to buy and paint more men. Here's what I now need to
complete but NOT minus what I already own unpainted:

USA infantrymen for the companies - 420 models
CSA infantrymen for the companies - 600 models
USA Color Guards (standard bearers with guards) - 128 models
CSA Color Guards (standard bearers with guards) - 108 models

Piece of cake. :)

If I were to paint all 1256 models needed for infantry alone, paint to
completion a minimum of 6 per week it would take me 210 weeks to finish just the
regiments. That's only 2 years. Wow, that's easy! I'll be ready for the 150th
anniversary of the battle. Sweet!

This doesn't include officers, artillery and crew of the III batteries, the II
Corps, V Corps (with their guns) and the Union Reserve Artillery guns. Hmmmm...
I may have to put some overtime into this. Eating, sleeping, working, family,
the Ultramarines project and gaming are overrated anyway.
So far in the past 3 weeks I'm on schedule! Woo hoo!!!


  1. Don,

    Sorry to be a downer, but there are 52 weeks in a year, so that's 4 years if you are only doing 6 per week.


  2. Tom,

    Err... really? My math is bad? Gee... I bet my old 9th grade math teacher would be shocked.... NOT!


  3. Very nice Stuff. Your bases are a nice mix of texture.

  4. Thanks. The bases are pretty darn easy to do so I'm glad you like them. I like doing things easily. :)