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Monday, August 30, 2010


I have been trying to find a new way of painting the Rebs. You might have read my previous post about this. I didn't finish them yet (see photo) but they were quick and easy. My main concern was their clothes. I think I'll try more this way.

The bright direct sunlight is bad for picture taking but... I am busy right now so I don't have much time. Usually when the conditions are perfect I am tied up or when I have the time the conditions are not right. Oh well. I'll redo the picture once the stars are in all in line and more models are done.

The other photo is of the finally finished small band of 114th Penn. Zouaves. I only have 10 left to paint. *sigh*

BTW... the last few Zouaves are temporarily based to be glued down on a larger base, not a 20mm x 20mm… in case you were wondering. I also still need to flock them too.

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