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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ready to ship off!

Well I have these four models ready to be shipped off. I need stuff painted and I have way too much to paint. I need to get stuff done faster than I can work on them. I have to have help so... these are examples of stuff to be painted. I painted these up a few weeks ago but I'm finally getting around to shipping them off.

Along with these painted examples I will send color photos and a lengthy description for each. I am requesting:

138 generic Reb soldiers
138 generic Union soldiers
132 Iron Brigade models
24 5th NY Zouaves

For the first two above I want them all exactly like these. The Rebs of course I want them exactly because I have plenty of a variety of uniforms already. The only difference is that I want them to change the hat colors and blanket colors. These newly painted will probably be for CSA Semmes brigade at Gettysburg.


  1. Nice work. What paint did you use?


  2. Bob,


    I use a mix of different company's paints. Mostly I use GW, Delta Ceramcoat and Foundry. They have the colors I need for what I'm doing.

    Strangely enough the dark blue of the Frock and Sack coats do not photograph as dark as it looks in person. If you see it close up you might even think I don't highlight it enough but that's not the way it looks in the pics.