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Thursday, October 21, 2010

more fun on McPherson's Ridge

This these views show you a little more and closer to the ridge. You'd be standing behind the Union lines. The Union battle lines would have been beyond the ridge's crest.

This view is taken from the swell of ground beyond the dip behind the barn. The ground here rises again just south of the famous rail road cut. behind the camera it dips again. It rises once more on Seminary Ridge.

Next up is a view from right in a deep part of the dip. It's closer to the barn as you can guess. The barn would be about... a 45 degree turn to the left from here.

How's that? I'll post more pics from different angles in a few days and pics of all sides of the barn in case you had ideas of making the barn itself. I can also post pics of the monuments.


  1. I haven't been there since 1996 when my army unit parachuted onto the battlefield a mile or so west of where your photos were taken. We spent three days walking over the battlefield doing a staff walk. One of my best trips while in the army.
    Scott A.

  2. Scott,

    Then you would LOVE the battlefield today. The Park has cut down lots and lots of woods all over the field that did not exist there during the battle. It really gives you a much better idea of the way it must have looked. They also bulldozed buildings that are not period. Previously, when you read accounts of the action you wondered why this battery was positioned 'here' since you have no LOS but without the trees you understand better the advantage and what happened. You gotta go back.


  3. The park service was talking about cutting trees when I was there in '96. I would love to go back, but I live on the west coast now and don't get back east much anymore. Maybe someday. I grew up in Northern VA and was surrounded by battlefields, Manassas was right down the road and there were countless skirmish sites all around.
    Scott A.