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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pics from Gettysburg

Here are but a few of the pics I took last week. Hope you like them. They are from various parts of the field.


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

    And if you feel the urge to post more you won't get any complaints from me!

  2. I actually have billions more. Want to see something specfic? Need captions?


  3. I would appreciate that! I'm not picky at all, whatever strikes your fancy! (And I see you've already posted a few more. Thanks!)

  4. Okay here is what you are seeing:

    1. The house is the Sherfy house along the Emittsburg Road near the Peach Orchard.

    2. The bronze plaque is on the Delaware state monument.

    3. The field with road on the right is taken from in front of the Codorri barn looking South along the Emmittsburg Road early morning.

    4. The cassisons are just behind the Union line at the Copse of trees as part of Cushing's battery. In the background is Meade's statue and the yet to be torn down white building which is the old Cyclorama building.

    5. The foggy shot is looking at artillery positions facing East near the Wheatfield road, in the Peach Orchard.

    6. The stone monument is of Corporal Ben Crippen shaking his fist at the advancing Rebs on McPherson's ridge.

    7. The 93rd's monument is just North of Little Round Top on a little knoll near Sedgwick's statue.